Aug. 2nd, 2010 11:17 pm
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I have nothing to say for myself



well, I do have a lycheepop and it's very good.

utterly expected spoilers are HERE )

Yeah, I don't know. Look, I wrote a drabble today and got part of this essay pwn'd. I am through with productive and onto lolz and more Dante


Jul. 22nd, 2010 02:00 pm
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Tu has opinions occasionally )
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Most of Six's TARDIS looks like this

You cannot convince me otherwise.

You may now feel free to imagine Evelyn stacking her books on the uneven oatmeal floors and grumble about her poor knees.
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So, today was slightly awesome and slightly unawesome, but due to the appearance of This brought on a bout of icons.

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So then I put on a sheet and cosplayed Eight.
the end
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Who watching update: We've made it to Vampires and come to the agreement that the nu!opening would be improved by having Mccoy's little wink tacked onto the beginning.

Fever update: Yup, still got it. Obviously. Not sure what mother's excuse is.

So, enough words, how about some more pictures instead?

icons...mostly Seven )
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I needed a break from memorizing these melodies for H&C (Really, I would run away with anyone with a TARDIS at this point, I'M NOT PICKY.) and this happened.

When the sun shines we'll shine together )
At Least it's not You Know What
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Aside from Lady Gaga/Mozart? Or Master/Zombie Marie Antoinette?

How long it took us to get through Sea Devils. It was kinda awesome.
free trauma )

And now, I must sleep. Really. I'll get right on that.

HO-LY Hell. Still awake, because, man. RP WIN. That's all I have to say and all you're going to find out. <3<3
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For a dear friend of mine, who is considering doing a proper D/M doujin. You can do it! *\o/*

"My dear Doctor, do you know of the Gallifreyan proverb that tells of revenge as a dish that is best served with peanutbutter and maybe a bit of honey?"

omnomnom )
What's this revenge for? Uhm. Search me. Three's sandwich stealing, cockteasing ways?
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I saw a rat. For some reason this makes me feel better about the city.

The food and drinks and good company probably helped. There's nothing quite like getting pleasantly tipsy and watching someone chainmailing...chaining...mail. That. Yes. Mmm. For some reason I'm thinking now would be the perfect time to work on that Androzani crack AU. It's probably, really not, but I'm going to go with it! :D

Semi-random fanvid )
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Both are crack, both are DW, one Doctor/Master, one random!Academy verse thingie.

Enjoy or don't! )

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow :3
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Title: The One that I Want
Pairing: Third Doctor/Master
Summary: The Doctor finally says yes, the Master isn't as happy as one might expect.
Rating: PG-13 for Simm!Master's wandering hands.
Warnings: Wandering hands, Three being Three, my writing and UNBETA'D (Shame on me.)
DISCLAIMER: Not mine and NOT meant to be taken seriously, I love the Master in all his bearded magnificence, and I'm sure the Doctor does too.

My attempts at writing )
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I posted most of these to dA I think, but I figured I could spread the love. :3

Warning: Most of these are crack )

So, yes, Ushas is long-suffering, Donna is awesome and Ten is (one of the many reasons why) Five can't have nice things.

The end!


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