Seven art!

Aug. 21st, 2010 11:32 pm
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Because I had to post it eventually.

And bonus lolz.

Cheetah has a theory! )
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Things like this just come up? Well, this one just came up and I actually got around to drawing it. For [profile] alex_e_smith, who just inspires this sort of thing. Hope you like it, ilu bb! :D
click for shirtless Seven )
This is really so sloppy, but I'm about to crash on my keyboard.
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I needed a break from memorizing these melodies for H&C (Really, I would run away with anyone with a TARDIS at this point, I'M NOT PICKY.) and this happened.

When the sun shines we'll shine together )
At Least it's not You Know What
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You know, with the NYU housing issues (We seem to be about 300 spaces short, I guess giving that building to the med school wasn't such a brilliant idea after all.) I may just consider moving into the b_e chat room. Or the library. Or maybe the lift. Nah, b_e chatroom it is.
also, fanart )

I'll make a proper "What I learned on my spring break" post later, but right now if I don't sleep I'm going to become a zombie and kill you all.
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For a dear friend of mine, who is considering doing a proper D/M doujin. You can do it! *\o/*

"My dear Doctor, do you know of the Gallifreyan proverb that tells of revenge as a dish that is best served with peanutbutter and maybe a bit of honey?"

omnomnom )
What's this revenge for? Uhm. Search me. Three's sandwich stealing, cockteasing ways?
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Both are crack, both are DW, one Doctor/Master, one random!Academy verse thingie.

Enjoy or don't! )

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow :3
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I posted most of these to dA I think, but I figured I could spread the love. :3

Warning: Most of these are crack )

So, yes, Ushas is long-suffering, Donna is awesome and Ten is (one of the many reasons why) Five can't have nice things.

The end!


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