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on the bright side, I had a really, really... I hesitate to say good, but awh hell it was good to talk, talk last night. I feel happy. Exhausted a bit, but emotions do that.

Still, I sort of love it, even though I shouldn't, when I jump to a bad conclusion and I'm wrong as dirt. And then I get hugs. What? I really like the hugs bit.

On the less good side, the Professor got tired of me playing with the laptop instead of him and retitled one of my songs


while I was sleeping.

Yeah, I don't know either.

It's easy enough to fix, but it's a killer title.
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Seriously. I love everyone. You guys took a year that should have been utter crap and turned it around.

Also, I got a fabulous cake.

So thank you. All of you. I'm gettin by with a little help from my friends c;


Aug. 1st, 2010 11:36 pm
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So! I'm back from the concert! SO JAZZED! So alive this is the best I've felt in awhile, partially due to a really good cry during "It's alright" followed by a good laugh, followed by another good cry and--yeah, a few more laughs then some more crying.

Strawberry creek forever, man. Peace.
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"So, did you do five today?"

Oh, father, I love it when you miss the obvious fandom connections of what you just said.

Also, yes. Yes I did.

And then there's this.

Mother sends me this sort of thing a lot. The lady in the video also does opossum massage, apparently.

I just smiled, nodded and sent her that Cooking by the Book!Cakewrecks dealie. Vengeance tastes like cake.
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But this Audio is heavy and so are my eyelids.

I was going to say something. Instead, music. A song I absolutely adore, that I'm going to go curl into for a few hours.

Goodnight, Universe. I adore you even when you do decide to kick me while I'm down.
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Who watching update: We've made it to Vampires and come to the agreement that the nu!opening would be improved by having Mccoy's little wink tacked onto the beginning.

Fever update: Yup, still got it. Obviously. Not sure what mother's excuse is.

So, enough words, how about some more pictures instead?

icons...mostly Seven )
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The sun's coming up, I can't sleep. I'm working on this piece. I've modulated to the wrong key entirely and I am fine.

In other news, I want to vid this song.
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If my laptop weren't made out of paperclips, ducttape and the contents of my pockets I might be able to watch this lovely new episode. Blargh.
Me whining )

Also, it's David Tennant and Eric Roberts' birthday today. Coincidence? I THINK SO!

ETA: Come on, Tweetheads, where's the love for the #happybirthdayEricRoberts tag? Am I the only cool kid in the solar system?
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You know, with the NYU housing issues (We seem to be about 300 spaces short, I guess giving that building to the med school wasn't such a brilliant idea after all.) I may just consider moving into the b_e chat room. Or the library. Or maybe the lift. Nah, b_e chatroom it is.
also, fanart )

I'll make a proper "What I learned on my spring break" post later, but right now if I don't sleep I'm going to become a zombie and kill you all.
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It's nice to see that some things never change.

Despite the new, shiny director, my Studio has managed to royally screw up the casting process.

Rambling descriptions of drama )
Mostly this is on my mind because Em and I are scheduled to go into the city to see Ramble-Ations. I only know the vague details about the show, but the fact that Em asked means that it's probably awesome. I met her during our first year at the Studio and she's been brilliant all the way through. If Loathsome Leslie (who I really must write an entry about because that girl is OUT THERE) was the Runcible of our class (She was. Only much less tolerable) then Em was the Ushas.

Quite possibly one of the most intelligent, dedicated and snarky people I've had the pleasure to call my acquaintance.

Now, what am I going to wear. :[

Made it

Mar. 13th, 2010 11:37 pm
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So, here I am in Berkeley, bouncing around, hanging with my folks and cuddling my kitties. Niki is LOVING me right now, I think he thought I'd died. Poor little boy and his abandonment issues.

click for TMI and embarrassing pictures of me! )
Well, if that didn't scare away all the friends I've made, NOTHING will.
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Well, in forty-eight hours I'll be headed back to the bay. I've been promised Cheeseboard pita bread, Zachary's pizza and that I can try to get us through Trial of a Time Lord.

After that last batch of midterms I really can't wait to be out of the city... and back in another city. Oh well. I like my mini-city just as it is: small, cute and slightly mad.

But this means I have to clean out my room, clean out my fridge and pack my bags. Woe. At least I've already dealt with the unexpected artichoke. Nom.

And I need to sort out what I'm doing for the flight (of evil)

*Catch up on RPposts

*Finish that picture of Eleven frolicking in the TARDIS that I owe Nem

*Relisten to Neverland/Zagreus. What? Alice gave me a craving.

*Finish the sketches I owe Demon


And now to stop failing at LJ and go reply to some comments! (I know what I'm doing, really)
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I saw a rat. For some reason this makes me feel better about the city.

The food and drinks and good company probably helped. There's nothing quite like getting pleasantly tipsy and watching someone chainmailing...chaining...mail. That. Yes. Mmm. For some reason I'm thinking now would be the perfect time to work on that Androzani crack AU. It's probably, really not, but I'm going to go with it! :D

Semi-random fanvid )


Mar. 2nd, 2010 09:52 pm
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You were probably wondering what sort of a genius decides running up fifteen flights of stairs is a brilliant idea that will totally get hir back in shape.

Ladies and gentlemen, look no farther, for I am that idiot!

My mother is recommending ibuprofen over IM. At least she's not talking about carrots anymore, I was starting to get worried.

We now return you to your usual programing.


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