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... Aside from cheetah!Master?

Seven is AWESOME )

Now, who's ready to WATCH SOME SEVEN?!

Or listen to.

Really listen to.

Listen to so hard.
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So! I made a video. It's primarily a Six vid, because really he needs more love and acknowledgment for how awesome he is. But it also sort of wobbled out of my plans in a way I can't quite object to. I've really got nothing to say for myself but that I'm glad it worked.

Here, have a vid about Six
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Seriously. I love everyone. You guys took a year that should have been utter crap and turned it around.

Also, I got a fabulous cake.

So thank you. All of you. I'm gettin by with a little help from my friends c;
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here there be crack icons )
In short, I love everyone and need some cocoa and a hug.
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And you actually manage to get other work done?
Well, not useful work, but... )
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Things like this just come up? Well, this one just came up and I actually got around to drawing it. For [profile] alex_e_smith, who just inspires this sort of thing. Hope you like it, ilu bb! :D
click for shirtless Seven )
This is really so sloppy, but I'm about to crash on my keyboard.
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If my laptop weren't made out of paperclips, ducttape and the contents of my pockets I might be able to watch this lovely new episode. Blargh.
Me whining )

Also, it's David Tennant and Eric Roberts' birthday today. Coincidence? I THINK SO!

ETA: Come on, Tweetheads, where's the love for the #happybirthdayEricRoberts tag? Am I the only cool kid in the solar system?

For Demon

Apr. 12th, 2010 11:27 pm
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Who isn't feeling well at all

Read more... )

Because pouty Master makes everything better.
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And would I lie? )
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I needed a break from memorizing these melodies for H&C (Really, I would run away with anyone with a TARDIS at this point, I'M NOT PICKY.) and this happened.

When the sun shines we'll shine together )
At Least it's not You Know What
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Aside from Lady Gaga/Mozart? Or Master/Zombie Marie Antoinette?

How long it took us to get through Sea Devils. It was kinda awesome.
free trauma )

And now, I must sleep. Really. I'll get right on that.

HO-LY Hell. Still awake, because, man. RP WIN. That's all I have to say and all you're going to find out. <3<3
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Both are crack, both are DW, one Doctor/Master, one random!Academy verse thingie.

Enjoy or don't! )

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow :3
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Title: The One that I Want
Pairing: Third Doctor/Master
Summary: The Doctor finally says yes, the Master isn't as happy as one might expect.
Rating: PG-13 for Simm!Master's wandering hands.
Warnings: Wandering hands, Three being Three, my writing and UNBETA'D (Shame on me.)
DISCLAIMER: Not mine and NOT meant to be taken seriously, I love the Master in all his bearded magnificence, and I'm sure the Doctor does too.

My attempts at writing )
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I was about to go become unconscious when this fell out of my notebook and stared at me accusingly.



Here we go )

Now it's time to go become unconscious
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I posted most of these to dA I think, but I figured I could spread the love. :3

Warning: Most of these are crack )

So, yes, Ushas is long-suffering, Donna is awesome and Ten is (one of the many reasons why) Five can't have nice things.

The end!
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Anyone who's following Doctor Who like a diligent little fanperson should know that today is THE day!

No, not the day the new series comes out, the OTHER day!

Yes, that's right. We got ourselves a new trailer!

I'm sticking to my "No Comment"/"Pleading the Fifth >w<" policy until we actually see him in action. But. Uhm.


Further rambling contemplation of the new series will have to wait, however, because I am off to go cloth shopping with NYU's scifi club. A shopping spree which, if all goes well, the university will PAY ME BACK FOR! Booyah!

More later.
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Title: Yes, I think we've met before
Summary: Having escaped the Time Lords [again] and settled into [another] mind-numbingly dull job, the Doctor encounters a familiar foe [for real this time].
Rating: Completely Safe… aside from the BFA-crack content.
Dislcaimer: Not Mine, and the first fic of mine to see day light [possibly the last ><]
Warning: One mention of drinking…and, of course, see above. Knowledge of the Doctor Who Unbound audio Exile helps.

"Who did this to you."

The Doctor’s blue eyes narrowed in annoyance,

"Don't be stupid, I did it to myself."

"Why--" The demand was no louder than a whisper, as if there were any need for subtlety; Even if one of the legitimate, human customers overheard, they couldn’t possibly understand.

“I did what I had to.” The Master looked unconvinced, bordering on horrified.
“I thought you of all people would understand…” He didn’t, obviously. “Well, Eric, let me know if I can help you find anything.” The Doctor fled to her ruined TARDIS, abandoning Waterstone’s for a much needed drink.


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